Chemical Peel


What is chemical peeling?  Why Chemical peeling is done? What is fruit peel?

Chemical peeling is a procedure used to enhance the beauty of skin. Another name for chemical peel is fruit peel since these chemicals are extracted from natural source like fruits (apple and sugar cane) and milk etc.

How it is done?

1)     skin cleansing is done

2)    peel solution is applied on the skin and kept for sometime (10 to 15 minutes)

3)     it is then neutralized

4)    postpeel cream is applied

Conditions for which it is beneficial



Uneven skin tone


Fine lines


Shallow scars

Open pores


We have special peels for acne. The advantage of which is patient has to take oral medication for less duration and less dose.

It can also be done for face, neck, underarms, arms and back.

Usually other skin procedures are not required after peels, like facial.

Are chemical peels painful?

Peels may cause pricking sensation in some patients, otherwise this procedure is non painful and very comfortable.

Post peel  care:

No special measures required. Sun protection (sunscreen) is advised after peels.

No long term side effects.

Mechanism of action of peels:

Peels percolates deep into the skin layers that causes it to exfoliate and later on peel off. Thus the new skin which comes is more Shiny, smoother, radiant, glowing and lighter in skin tone.